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One of the best MMORPGs
Published on December 11, 2004 By SoundtrackGeek In MMORPG
Guild Wars appears to be one of the best MMORPGs of our time! Link

Oh, and there are NO subscription fees. It is FREE to play once you pay for the actual game.

What is Guild Wars? Link

Do explore the rest of web-site. It can explain the game much better than I can. Once you have...

Check out the fansite for my own guild! Link

I should mention, since JU is associated with a certain skinning site , that the original graphics are all by me. It is my first creative Photoshop work ever. If I do say so myself, I'm very pleased with it.

One more note, I am NOT the manager of our guild. Our guild president can be contacted at: edraitheru@insightbb.com

Please give comments on our site and our guild.

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